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"An artist is not one who is inspired, but one who can inspire others."

~ Salvador Dali

Dee was born and educated in Zimbabwe, where she taught Art at various High Schools. She left to live in South Africa, spending four years each in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, where she painted, taught and exhibited.

She left Africa in 1988 for the United Kingdom, and has taught art privately from her home studio, as well as demonstrating at various local Art Societies. She has lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore, where her art is hanging in commercial buildings and private collections. Her portrait paintings of dogs have been printed as greeting cards to raise money for the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Dee has received glowing reviews for her work from around the world, and her pieces hang in many homes, but to some she has gone a step further...

"Most of us, as we progress through life, necessarily come to depend and rely on someone for help and service - my doctor, my solicitor, my teacher. We use the word frequently, almost as if 'my doctor' and 'my solicitor' worked only for us. It is a title truly earned by the individual. 'My' because he or she has made their client feel special.
One of these "special people", not normally thought of in that category is "my artist" Dee Cowell.

Dee has earned that special "my artist" title because she has brought happiness to so many people through her ability to translate art into a very "personal" reality for her clients. She has become "my artist" to a number of generations of the same families -in a multitude of ways for parents. She has painted portraits of children for grandparents and portraits of college graduates; for grandchildren, portraits of their grandparents as an anniversary gift; for the children, oils and pastels of their parents. For the family, she has personalised bedrooms and family rooms, taking ideas from the family and transposing them onto the walls s he has become "my artist" to businesses by painting portraits as retirement gifts, and portraits as incentives and awards to individuals.

Her workshops are busy and full of fun and the results speak for themselves

The past becomes alive through her talent and the result is a bit of magic that is a "personal to you" painting at a price you can afford.
Dee receives requests from all over the world. Dee has retained her love of teaching and, between assignments, she manages to teach a small select group of talented students in her home studio.
In addition, she undertakes educational demonstrations to local art groups and is starting a new programme whereby she will be teaching online over the Internet.

Above all she is
my artist" ~ From someone very grateful.