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Dee Cowell has taught people across the world how to create incredible pieces of art, now she can help you too...

Dee's renowned tutorial DVD's teach the viewer various skills and techniques from painting with acrylics to creating masterpieces with pastels.

Each DVD is over an hour in length and features multiple lessons focusing on various points ranging from technique to styles, each individual lessons is around 10 minutes in length. This allows for optimal learning within the time frame, but also allows the viewer to carry out Dee's teachings whilst watching.

Click on the DVD to read more about whats featured or to watch a short snippet video showing you what to expect when you purchase the DVD.

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Learn How To Draw

This DVD includes the following sections:

Basic Pencil Strokes

Light and Tones

Drawing using Guidelines

How to use proportions

Drawing using shapes and form

The Use of lines in Drawing

Our Price: £12.00
Learn How To Draw: Workshop

This DVD includes the following sections:

Pencil drawing using a grid

Drawing Odd shaped vases

Drawing material and drapery

Negative Space Drawing

Drawing Ellipses

Portrait from Life

Drawing people

Drawing animals

Our Price: £12.00
How To Paint With Acrylics

This DVD includes the following sections:

Get your Acrylics out!

Using Acrylic Mediums

Using Shimmer Paints

Acrylics used as Oils

Using a Painting Knife

Impressionist style painting

Acrylics as Watercolours

How to use Inks

Our Price: £12.00
Masterclass In Acrylics

In this DVD my students allow me to show you them working with Texture Paste – there are so many different ways of creating textures as they show you.

Our Price: £12.00
Water Colour Techniques

This DVD consists of the following sections:

Stretching paper


Wet into wet

How to use a brush

Painting skies and clouds




Our Price: £12.00
How To Work With Water Colours

This DVD consists of the following sections:

Colour Mixing

Silhouette in the mist

Animals in watercolour

Capture the light

Extreme wet into wet

Portrait in Watercolour

Forget the white!

Our Price: £12.00
How To Paint With Pastels

This DVD consists of the following sections:

Pastels and Pastel papers

Pastel pencils

Flowers in pastels

Painting whites

Pastel skin colours

March hares

Figures in charcoal

Our Price: £12.00
Dynamic Flowers

Learn how to add real dynamism and vibrancy to your flower paintings with the expert guidance of Dee Cowell! Using Derwent's popular Artbar and Inktense ranges, Dee will take you through four different flower projects, using each to demonstrate different techniques and methods to make the flowers come alive - Delphiniums, Poppies, Pansies and Irises.

This DVD is perfect for any artist looking to develop their
flower painting skills using a variety of mediums and techniques. Let Dee inspire you to try something new!


Our Price: £12.00